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Programmer's Guide: (revision list at bottom)

Site Setup:

*)  On your site's mySQL administration function:

     a) create a database for KWeblog;
     b) create a username with password for that database;
     c) grant the new user all privileges on the database.

*)  On your local computer, create a duplicate directory of the
    entire KWeblog package prior to uploading.  The original should
    remain as your backup copy in case of catastrophic error.

*)  Edit index.php as desired to make a unique site.  (The site will
    run fine without any changes to the home page.)  Don't forget to
    install a link back to your site's normal home page if you're
    using any pages other than what comes with KWeblog.

*)  Upload the files to the site using FTP or the file manager in
    your site's control panel.

*)  *NOTE*:  Do not perform the next step using a subdomain URL, as
    in "", as this will confuse the FTP
    routine and result in setup failure.  Use the subdirectory format
    so that the FTP routine will be able to locate the correct cgi
    bin, as in "".  Remember to create
    your subdirectory first, then assign your subdomain to it.  Once
    setup is done, you should then be able to use the subdomain URL
    format without any problems.

*)  In a browser, call up the site URL.  Enter the FTP username and
    password (this allows the setup functions to edit your database's
    password access) as well as the new database's username, password
    and name, remembering that the username and database name will
    likely include the root username, i.e. "root_username" and
    "root_database".  After clicking on "GO", the KWeblog should be
    ready for customization.

    *NOTE*:  This installation routine has ONLY been trialed on two
    cPanel/Linux/Apache platforms.  Errors due to server configuration
    differences are not only possible, they're extremely probable.
    Be prepared to manually edit your database access file and build
    and populate your own tables.  Refer to dbases.php for help.

*)  Log in to the ADMIN area via username "admin" with password
    "start1".  Edit site parameters (including the admin username
    and/or password) as desired to customize it.

Site edits:

*)  index.php and dbenter.txt are site-specific files.  All others
    are identical and should be distributed to all sites after every 

*)  Revisions:

	11/7/07 - Clean up, update of all parameters.

	11/8/07 - Removed server time correction for 13 minutes
	offset in startup.php.

	11/13/07 - Replaced the word "Blog" with "News" and/or

	11/15/07 - Changed font family to a scroll down selection;
	changed database login to use a separate file, so startup
	and getdoc can be part of working directory from now on.

	11/17/07 - Streamlined the installation process as much as
	possible without it being a cPanel-installed script.

	11/19/07 - Cleaned up image display functions; made cgi
	bin more secure; added favicon.ico; added contact info for
	webmaster in footer.

	3/2/08 - Changed all references to "News Forums" to "Public
	Forums".  Improved (I hope) the Help Page.  Reordered the
	navigation directories to be more intuitive.  Allowed new
	Public Forum posts to be edited or deleted by the visitor
	that posted them until session times out (5 hours).

	3/7/08 - Allowed new Public Forum posts to be deleted or
	edited by the poster up to 5 minutes after posting.  
	Cleaned up "Delete" page.  Changed Forum Directory to say
	"Recent Forums" rather than "Forum Main Page".  Modified
	Loadnew.php to hiccup when the post being responded to has
	just been deleted, notify poster and send post to Main
	Forum as new forum rather than as response to one.  Cleaned
	up editor anc CSS files.  Allowed Admin to put HTML or
	scripts in an edited Forum Entry.

	4/3/09 - Upgraded session usage to account for browsers
	where cookies are not enabled.  The session ID can now be
	passed through the query string.  Upgraded security to
	allow "register_globals" to be off, which is currently now
	the default for PHP installations.  Added "CAPTCHA" image
	text verification to loadnew.php with admin option to

	5/1/09 - Completed a general overhaul of all scripts,
	including a revamp of the base html index.php to make it
	look less like an industrial Human Machine Interface.
	Forums are now Discussion Threads, less bold and capital-
	ization, edited dates are separated from posted dates, etc.