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Twenty-Five Ways the Northeast Louiana Reading Council has successful membership: (Membership Development information provided by Frances Troxler, LRA State Coordinator at 2003-2004 Ruston, LA Leadership Workshop.)
Scribed by Kathy O'Neal

The strength of the Northeast Louisiana Reading Council is our sound and growing membership. Our membership goal is to maintain and increase membership. Good communication leads to involvement, and recognition leads to continued involvement.

1. Establish a program using "Building Reps" for each school and administrative center to assist in soliciting members and advertising council events.

2. Provide training session for all Building Reps prior to the school year.

3. Send welcome letters and packets to all Building Reps. Include a calendar of deadlines, information about activites, membership promotion ideas, and list of membes from previous year.

4. Make weekly telephone calls to selected schools (Building Reps) to see how things are going and establish a strong link to the council.

5. Reward all Building Reps who achieve membership growth.

6. Offer contests for the greatest number and/or percentage of members and announce the winner at each Council Meeting.

7. Try to make membership a "prerequisite" of everything we do--for example, only members are eligible to receive awards, win door prizes, and so forth.

8. Send all communication to Building Reps in envelopes. Identify context--for example, "Next Council Meeting", "Membership Information", etc.

9. Use humor in communication.

10. Target special groups for membership--adminstrators, parents, private schools, businesses, media specialists, teachers' aides, etc.

11. Include membership information in everything.

12. Plan membership campaign in stages. It often takes more than one appeal to get a new member.

13. Send a special welcome letter to new members.

14. Send membership certificates or cards. People don't often use them , but they like them and associate a value with them.

15. Use photos and testimonials in all ads.

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