LRA's How to Implement a Balanced Literacy Program

The Louisiana Reading Association has provided a video "How to Implement a Balanced Literacy Program" for its members to share.
Dr. Carrice Cummins and Mrs. Janet Langlois of the Louisiana Reading Association provided consent to Past President of NELRC Kathy O'Neal for the video to be placed on the NELRC's website as an educational tool since the video is no longer being sold.

The NELRC would like to thank Mr. Marcus Morton of Absolute Entertainment (film production) and Dr. Micheal O'Neal (LA Tech computer programming department). These men are the owners of the Network Foundation Technologies (NFT) organization.  We appreciate their efforts in capacity building with  educational organizations. The NFT company is working collaboratively with the NELRC and other educational organizations to integrate state of the art technology.

For more information about NFT see:


The video is now available by clicking here (50.5 MB) free of charge to the general population.  Your browser's default media player should open automatically in a new window.

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