Past President's Passage

I must say it has been a joy to serve as president of the Northeast Louisiana Reading Council for the past three years. I've never enjoyed anything as much as the council, nor have I enjoyed being finished with something so much either.
In 2002, I sent out a letter begging for old members to get on board the old train and take a ride with me. Boy, did we ride. We started with 17 paid members in May 2002 and ended with over 200 members in March 2005. The many trips to Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Ruston, or New Orleans to LRA meetings or conferences were so wonderful. I've met some of the best teachers in the world right here in Louisiana.
I just want to say thank you to everyone. If you are taking time to read this you must truly love literacy as much as I do. The people of northeast Louisiana are truly the greatest bunch I've ever worked with on a project. And to all of those across the state, I want you to know you have taught me more about literacy than I learned in all my years in college and most of what I have used in the classroom for the past 3 years to become a very successful teacher. I must also say that I know I had the most super officers anyone could ever have. The committee members jumped on the train and did their jobs very well. I also have to say that without the membership directors, I couldn't have done any of it. Each of you will always have a special place in my heart. I wish I had a million dollars to buy all of you that I've named a truckload of books because I know you'd find children that would love to read them. 
I plan to stay on board for a long time to help shovel the coal to keep the old train going, but I hope to ride more than drive. 
Thanks for the ride,
Kathy O'Neal
Northeast Louisiana Reading Council
President 2002-2005

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