Prelude of Pathways to Literacy

Prelude of Pathways to Literacy

was held at the University of Louisiana
at Monroe on Saturday, September 27, 2003
from 9:30 A.M. until 6:00 P.M. 
A parent session was held from
4:30 - 6 that evening.
Contact Chairperson Nancy Smith
(nsmith1@jam.rr.com or nsmith@opsb.net)
for more information.
Pathways is an exciting, motivating, practical,
program designed to give teachers the opportunity
to share, discuss and improve teaching strategies
with well-known, highly trained children's authors
and educators.


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Evaluation Data Results from Prelude on 9-27-03:

What I learned most:
      "How to incorporate grammar into my writing rather than separately."
      "Word Sort and guess missing word/sound."
      "Weaving impression, expression and conventions together!"
      "Using grammar in context."
      "Keep on doing what works."
      "Intertwine the reading with the writing."
      "New ideas to use with word wall. New ideas to help with editing in 1st grade."
      "Using grammar "with" writing. Really "seeing" how writers write."
      "I need to shake up my classroom teaching styles a little more."
      "Extremely clear ideas for literature to use which teach adjectives, adverbs/ Clear idea of how to teach descriptive verbs, adjectives and adverbs."

What I still need to learn more about:
      "Teaching how to motivate children to write."
      "Teaching writing."
      "Teaching comprehension."
      "Getting more writing into my busy schedule."
      "Time management of so many activities and still stay on "targets" with the parish."
      "How to build writing skills in my students."
      "Documentable effects of teaching with joy instead of with rules."
      "How to expediate teacher creativeness within the framework for mandated program requirement."

I will apply the following in my classroom:
      "The new books I purchased to use in my classroom."
      "Word Sort and guess missing word/sound."
      "Sharing with others."
      "Make more class books."
      "We need to write more stories. We write sentences, but we need to put stories into our day. (1st grade)
      ""5 words" "Handful of words."
      "Using literature to teach writing."
      "Writing process."
      "Help incoming teachers with materials and ideas -no classroom."

My overall reaction:
      "Excellent-worth every minute of it."
      "It was wonderful and inspirational."
      "Enjoyable and beneficial."
      "Fantastic. I loved Mary Beth."
      "Excellent presentation."
      "Wonderful use of a Saturday."
      "Excellent; well-timed, quick-paced."

      "Sorry others missed it."     
      "Thanks for doing this!!!!!"
      "Hope we get to do this next year!"
      "Very informative."

      The Rayville Wal-Mart grant coordinator, Cora Lowery, presented the Northeast Louisiana Reading Council with a check for $300 to promote literacy throughout northeast Louisiana with the Prelude of Pathways to Literacy that was held at the University of Louisiana-Monroe on Saturday, September 27, 2003. a newspaper article was shown in the West Carroll Gazette with those particpating. Accepting the check was Ms. Kathy O’Neal, (President of the Northeast Louisiana Reading Council), Ms. Cora Lowery, (Wal-Mart personnel), Ms. Deborah Evans, (Legislative Advocacy Chairperson), and NLRC member from West Carroll, Ms. Joanna Beard.
     Other grants accepted by the NLRC include a $1000 check from the Oak Grove Wal-Mart that was accepted by one of the NLRC’s Parish Directors, Ms. Debra Hawthorne from Ms. Sherrie Holland during the book signing of author Mr. Ernest Hill, $1000 check from Wal-Mart on Westport Ave. in Shreveport presented by Ms. Betty Bower and accepted by Mr. Jon Michael Popa on behalf of the NLRC, and $400 from the Wal-Mart on Mansfield Rd. in Shreveport from Ms. Virginia Carrington and accepted by Mr. Charles Morton of West Monroe. The monies were allotted to secure authors Tommy Thomasson and Mary Beth Sampson from the Pathways to Literacy staff as speakers, for book signing, purchase of children’s books as door prizes for Parent’s Night, and provide registration for educators from the 11 parishes served by the NLRC during the Prelude of Pathways to Literacy.
The Prelude of Pathways to Literacy provided an opportunity for educators as well as parents to “hear the sounds of literacy throughout northeast Louisiana” as we Leave No Child Behind. A special thank you to these and and many others that have committed to help fund next year’s Literacy Project with Author Visits also.
The Northeast Louisiana Reading Council will seek other grants to help fund the project so that teachers may attend and parents may receive pertinent information about literacy, and children may learn how to write and read well as they receive free books.
     The Northeast Louisiana Reading Council serves 11 parishes, Monroe City Schools, and the University of Louisiana at Monroe. It is the oldest council in the state of Louisiana and received recognition from the Louisiana Reading Association and the International Reading Association for 45 years of service to the state of Louisiana. The NLRC’s distinguished officers represent their region well as do the parish school administrators that serve as directors for the council. Committee Chairpersons and members are made up of educators within the council that work to promote literacy throughout the region with legislators, businesses, and community leaders.

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