Literate Classrooms

Scribed by Kathy O'Neal

From Dr. Connie Bridge, University of Kentucky

1. Attractive, inviting reading center or classroom library.
2. Some books displayed with the cover out.
3. Posters promoting reading displayed prominently in the classroom.
4. Teacher reading aloud to the children at least once each day.
5. Children writing everyday. Dialogue journals and learning logs are ideal formats for daily writing.
6. Teacher models writing for the children. Teacher shares something he/she has written.
7. Writing center set up in the classroom that has the "write stuff" in it.
8. Listening center so children can listen to books as they read along.
9. Children writing and publishing their own books.
10. Parents and other volunteers reading aloud to children and listening to children read.
11. Students spend time reading real books and writing for real audiences rather than doing worksheets and workbooks on isolated skills.
12. Independent reading time daily (SSR, DEAR, or BEAR)
13. Meaningful practice activities (choral reading, readers theater, radio reading, plays) Children love to perform.

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