Children's Choice

Children's Choice Chairperson: Ms. Carol Pevehouse
LRA Chairperson: Ms. Chris Meynard 337-989-0418

A. Develop and disseminate guidelines and timelines concerning the Children's Choice Book Award project to local councils.
B. Collect and report contest results in the designated categories.

LRA's Children's Choice Guidelines 2004-2005

1. Books are divided into three categories. You can choose one or more to participate in. The grade levels assigned are approximate. There are 5 books in each category.

2. Prices quoted from the bookjacket at Barnes an Noble. All are hardback, some may now be out in paperback.

3. Sometimes school boards contract with bookstores and get discounts. Check with School Board's purchasing Department.

4. Your library or PTA may be able to help purchase some sets.

5. The public library should have most of these by now.

6. Books may be read to the students or by the students. Long books could be read on successive days by the teacher.

7. Each student should cast a ballot for each book.

8. All books in each category should be read. This allows all books the same advantage.

9. The votes are to be counted and results put on the Tally Sheet.

10. The Tally Sheets are to be sent by April 1 to:
      Chris Menard         Phone: 337-989-0418
      106 Shipley Drive
      Lafayette, LA 70503

11. The winner in each category will be announced in April. Decals will be sent to all participants to be placed in the winning books.

12. Remind your librarians in the Spring to allocate approximatiely $100 for each set of books for the next school year.


Or Contact Chris Menard or NELRC CC Chairperson
Each year, thousands of children, young adults, teachers, and librarians around the United States select their favorite recently published books to be included in the Choices annotated booklists. Published annually by the International Reading Association, Childrenís Choices, Teachersí Choices, and Young Adultsí Choices booklists are used in classrooms, libraries, and homes to help young people find books they will enjoy reading.

Now available:
The following full, annotated lists are available for download in PDF format:
2004 Children's Choices
2003 Children's Choices
2003 Teachers' Choices
2003 Young Adults' Choices
For information about downloading PDF files, please visit our PDF Help page.
Also available:
The Children's Choices, Teachers' Choices, and Young Adults' Choices short lists of titles for 2004 are now available to view and print from your Web browser:
2004 Children's Choices
2004 Teachers' Choices
2004 Young Adults' Choices
Full, annotated lists will be published in IRA journals in the fall.
Children's Choices is cosponsored by the Children's Book Council and appears each year in the October issue of IRAís journal The Reading Teacher. The list includes brief reviews of approximately 100 titles, each of which has been recommended by children themselves.
Childrenís Choices Fact Sheet
Celebrating (and Using) Children's Choices
25 Years of Children's Choices: A Sampler
Team Leader Application Form
Download Children's Choices
Teachersí Choices appears in the November issue of The Reading Teacher. This list identifies approximately 30 books rated by teams of teachers, librarians, and reading specialists as outstanding for curriculum use.
Teachersí Choices Fact Sheet
How are the books selected?
How can I become involved?
Download Teachers' Choices
Young Adultsí Choices, published each November in the Associationís Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy, provides descriptions of approximately 30 books selected by teams of teenage reviewers.
Young Adultsí Choices Fact Sheet
How are the books selected?
How can I become involved?
Download Young Adults' Choices
For more information about the Choices booklists, please contact Mary Cash at International Reading Association, 800 Barksdale Rd., PO Box 8139, Newark, DE 19714-8139. Phone 302-731-1600, ext. 221. Fax: 302-731-1057. E-mail: mcash@reading.org

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