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1. To develop and disseminate guidelines and timelines and publish an Anthology annually.
2. Collect and report content results in the designated categories.

In July 2005, Mrs. Jennifer Kelly was awarded as a state winner in the Educators as Author at the Louisiana Reading Associaton's Leadership Banquet. The NELRC is very proud to have Jennifer as one of their own. Way to go Jen!!!!

Saturday, April 21, 2007
The following writings were written during the "Writing Inspirations in the Gardens" at Biedenharn in Monroe, Louisiana at the NELRC's Spring Meeting and submitted by the authors to Kathy O'Neal for publication on the NELRC website.

Bird Sounds
Water Fall
Sweet Smell of Outdoors
Flowers Blooming Pink and Purple
Arching Trees
Bending Downward
Smell of Grass
Freshly Cut
Cool Wind Blowing
Oh! So Nice
What Beautiful God Creations?
By Joyce Powell
Monroe City School System

Green plants & Flowers everywhere. 
Follow me home, you will find none there.
As I sat on the bench in the shade, looking across the lawn at the beautiful water fountain, I feel as if I am floating on a crystal mountain.
Coming back to reality.
I realize in order to have a garden like this, Somebody must help me!
By Leah Biley
Ouachita Parish School System

Fragrant and colorful
Lovely to behold
Our link to nature
Worlds to unfold
Eternal and everlasting
Rare and mysterious

Peggy Horton
Morehouse Parish School System

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