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I. NLRC, LRA, IRA Meeting and other important dates
II. NLRC's Legacy of Literacy News
III. NLRC's Congratulations

                      I.  NLRC, LRA, IRA Meetings
                            Important Dates

***LRA Professional Development
          September 17-18, 2004
          Baton Rouge
          Sheraton Hotel
***NELRC Spring Meeting
          Executive Board Meeting 8:30-9:15 A.M.
          Reading Promotion Projects Judging 9:00-9:30 A.M.
          Keynote Speaker: Author Mike Artell
          Literacy Coordinator's Presentations
          100% School Award
          Member's name on the greatest number of new memberships receives $25
             gift card
***NELRC  Literacy Study Group 
          Last Saturday, January 2005
          10:00-11:00 A.M.
          Books-A-Million/Joe Muggs Cafe
          Facilitator: Dr. Peggy Wheelis
          Coordinator: Mrs. Melba Collum

***NELRC  Spring Meeting
          Executive Board Meeting 8:30-9:15 A.M.
          Saturday,April 16, 2005
          10:00-11:30 A.M.
          Lunch @ Waterfront Grill
***LRA Honor Council deadline March 1

***LRA Awards and Citations deadline - March 1

***LRA Children's Choice deadline- March 1

***NELRC Council Officers List to LRA - deadline March 1

***NELRC Council Committee List to LRA - deadline March 1

***LRA Mini-Grants due March 1

***LRA Scholarships due March 1

***LRA Young Authors due February 1

***IRA Award of Excellence March 1

***IRA Honor Council March 1

***NLRC Newspaper in Education Week - First full week in March

***Horizon Award March 31

***President's Cup  March 31

***Student Membership Award March 31

***Parents and Reading Week - March

***Report of Local Council Officers April 1

***LRA Board/Professional Learning Session
          Baton Rouge Sheraton Hotel Breakfast @8:00 A.M.

***NELRC Leadership Retreat Registration Form due to President Kathy O'Neal
          by Thursday, April 15 for reservations for
          officers, membership directors, and committee chairpersons
          Mail: 14820 Hwy. 17, Oak Grove, Louisiana  71263
          Call: 318-428-8953
          Fax: 318-428-4810

***NELRC Spring Meeting
          Executive Board Meeting 8:30-9:15 A.M.
          Saturday,April 16, 2005
          10:00-11:30 A.M.
          Lunch @ Waterfront Grill

***NELRC Leadership Retreat - Apple Tree Cafe in West Monroe in Monroe
          Saturday, May
          Registration must be submitted to Pres. Kathy O'Neal by April 15,
          for meals to be paid.
***IRA 50th Conference 

***Exemplary Reading Program - Intent to participate June 1

                          II.  JAZZING UP LITERACY "NOTE"WORTHY NEWS

***NELRC Executive Board/Officer Installation/Planning
          ULM Strauss 202
          Saturday, July 2004 9:00 A.M.
          10:00 Literacy Study Group
          NLRC Literacy Study Group met for professional reading,
          discussion, sharing of ideas, reflection journal recording, and
          reporting with Educational Leadership Journal. Members are encouraged to read these selections and be prepared to participate in the study group.
***Great Louisiana Read-In  Second Monday in February

***Literacy Week - 2nd full week of February

***LRA Literacy Award Nominations deadline - February 13

***LRA Educators as Authors deadline February 27

LRA Conference News:
    Northeast Louisiana was well represented by NLRC members in New Orleans at the LRA Conference. We gained several new members that we hope will become active by sharing their expertise and participating in local council meetings. According to our membership roll we will have over 150 members at this time. The presenters were excellent. Hats off to Gerrie Settoon and Joan Kennedy for their outstanding organization and super committee members. NLRC will be preparing for the LRA conference to be held in Monroe in 2006. ULM's Dr. Lynn Morris will be president and Principal Nancy Smith will be president-elect. We look forward to tremendous speakers and presenters that are already being contacted.

Membership News:
The NLRC is steadily growing thanks to all the dedicated educators throughout the northeast region. Membership Directors have been sent packets to send to school representatives to increase membership. As an incentive each parish that increases their membership according to the criteria will receive an author in their parish schools.

Reading Promotion Project:
    Every teacher is encouraged to submit their most successful reading/writing project to their Membership Director by April 1, 2004. The project should include a one page summary of the project and a display board with pictures, etc. The Membership Director will select one project to represent their parish. The winning project will need at least 30 copies of the summary for the Spring Meeting when presenting their "Reading Promotion Project" at the Spring Meeting on April 16, 2005 at ULM. The NELRC winning project will be selected from all projects presented. LRA officials will use a rubric to score each one based upon creativity, originality, and user friendliness. The winning project will be presented at the Leadership Training in July 2005. Rooms, meals, and travel will be provided for the two individuals from the winning parish.

     The NELRC's Celebrate Literacy Award recipient will be presented at the Spring Meeting at 10:00 A.M. at ULM Strauss. The LRA winner will be awarded at the July  Leadership Banquet on Saturday night at the Ramada Inn in Ruston.

    The NLRC will participate in NIE Week and members will provide documentation of their activities with pictures, videos, essays, drawings, and other promotions of newspaper in education. Those interested should contact their local papers or the News-Star in Monroe or President Kathy O'Neal at mrsoneal@yahoo.com.

Membership Drives:
     Each Membership Director was encouraged to begin a membership drive. NELRC board awards the first school to have 100% of their teachers as NELRC members $200 to attend the conference for 2 nights lodging at the LRA conference in New Orleans on November 10-12, 2004. Morehouse Parish school Bonita Elementary was the recipient last year. Super Job!!! Thanks to Donna Brumley for all her hard work too.
    The member with the most new membership forms turned in will receive a $25 gift card. The membership forms must have that member's name on the forms of the new members.
    Morehouse Membership Director Peggy Horton planned a membership drive at their teachers' mini-conference two days before school began.
    West Carroll parish teachers were able to fill out registration forms on the first day of meetings. A comic strip umbrella given to Kathy O'Neal from the NewsStar was presented as a door prize from the NELRC. Kathy is a teacher in West Carroll and the president of the NELRC.
    Ouachita parish director Janet Fisher provided registration to all teachers.

Grants secured by President Kathy O'Neal:
     The Northeast Louisiana Reading Council Membership Director for West Carroll, Debra Hawthorne, President Kathy O'Neal and Children's ChoiceChairperson accepted a $500  from the Oak Grove Wal-Mart. Mrs. Orene Sharp and several NELRC members accepted a $1500 check on behalf of the council from Winnsboro Wal-Mart. President Kathy O'Neal received several other checks from Wal-Marts in Winnfield, Mansfield, and Monroe also.     

In-Kind Services:
    The NELRC presented each parish that participated in the Reading Promotion Project with a beautiful fern from The Corner Market in Oak Grove. The Council appreciates The Corner Market's support of the Reading Council and the special discounts that help promote literacy. The ferns were presented to each parish for their participation in the Reading Promotion Project.

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