Family Involvement Night at Oak Grove Elementary

The Northeast Louisiana Reading Council promotes family involvement in the schools by providing doorprizes to parents during various parent, teacher, and student interactions at the school. The doorprizes are made available through grants written by President Kathy O'Neal.

Literacy Coordinators at each school received either doorprizes or Wal-Mart gift cards from parish membership directors during the fall.

Teachers at Oak Grove Elementary in West Carroll parish used the gift cards to purchase doorprizes for their Family Involvement night. Family Involvement Night Coordinator Charlotte Johnson received the gift cards to purchase the doorprizes.

The following description was provided by Family Involvement Night Coordinator Sharon Littlefield at Oak Grove Elementary:

August 31 Oak Grove Elementary held the first of four family nights.  The goal of the program is provide quality time for parents and students. Positive parental involvement in a child's education is so important for a child's success. It is our principal's and staff's desire to involve parents and also to build a positive rapport with them. 
    Family Night began with a meal of hotdogs, chips, and soft drink.  Research has proven that one of the most important aspects of family life is for a family to sit down and eat dinner together.  The fellowship and time spent are invaluable toward staying in touch with our children's lives.   Following the meal parents and their children were involved in a whole group activity entitled The Bar Exam. Families worked together to solve riddles about candy bars.  The family to finish first with all answers correct were rewarded with a prize of candy bars.  Next families were dismissed to go to centers located in classrooms that were geared to all age groups.  Families worked on hands on activities that related to math or language arts.  Families participated in four activites for approximately 15 minutes each.  The evening ended with presentations of door prizes provided by the Northeast Louisiana Reading Council.  Also evaluations were completed by parents.  Reading material was available for parents relating to their child's education.
    It is my opinion that parents, teachers, and students enjoyed the fellowship and learning that they experienced on this occasion.  We are all anticipating the next Family Night.


Parents and guardians were asked to evaluate the program.
The overall parental input included scores as follows:

1. The quality of Family Night was                    
           ***Outstanding     Poor
2. The purpose and organization of Family Night was 
           ***Outstanding     Poor 
3. Family Night Activities were
           ***Outstanding     Poor
4. Family Night Teachers were
           ***Outstanding     Poor
5. My attendance at Family Night should prove to be   
           ***Beneficial      Not Beneficial
6. What did you like best about Family Night?
a)I felt it provided learning activities I can do with my child at home to help with math and language. b)The emphasis was placed on families spending quality time together. c)Interacting with the teachers, other parents and children. d)The could come with us and the cartoons in cartooning. We relaxed together as a family tonight. e)Interesting and interactive f)The atmosphere and getting the family involved with the school.
7. How can we improve Family Night for the next quarter?
Cut down on homework that night, so that parents that work can have time tohelp their children comlete their homework before Family Night begins. b)Maybe select a time for eating only and then begin activities in case some run late. c) I don't know. I thought you all did a great job. d)Hamburgers as the meal next time. e) Everything was well-organized. f) We have moved from out of town and this was the best Family Night we have ever been involved with.

Photographs will be available soon.

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