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Source: Language and Learning Improvement Branch, Division of Instruction, Maryland State Department of Education

Scribed by Kathy O'Neal

KNOWLEDGE-Identification and recall of information
     Who, what, when, where, how ______________?
     Describe _____________________.

COMPREHENSION-Organization and selection of facts and ideas
     Retell ___________ in your own words.
     What is the main idea of ___________________?

APPLICATION-Use of facts, rules, principles
     How is __________ an example of ____________?
     How is _____________ related to ______________?
     Why is _________________________ significant?

ANALYSIS-Separation of a whole into component parts
     What are the parts or features of ____________?
     Classify ___________ according to ___________.
     Outline/diagram/web __________________________.
     How does _______ compare/contrast with ________?
     What evidence can you list for ________________?

SYNTHESIS-Combination of ideas to form a new whole
     What would you predict/infer from ____________?
     What ideas can you add to ____________?
     How would you create/design a new ____________?
     What might happen if you combined _____ with ________?
     What solutions would you suggest for _________?

EVALUATION-Development of opinions, judgments, or decisions
     Do you agree with _______________?
     What do you think about ______________?
     What is the most important _______________?
     Prioritize ______________.
     How would you decide about _________?
     What criteria would you use to assess _______?

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