Literate Schools

Scribed by Kathy O'Neal

From: Dr. Connie Bridge, University of Kentucky

1. Halls filled with children's products related to reading. (murals, drawings, paintings, letters to and from authors, child-authored stories, posters promoting books)
2. Central library is attractive, inviting place where students are free to visit as often as needed.
3. Schoolwide Sustained Silent Reading Period at least once a week.
4. Principal reads aloud to students in various classrooms on a rotating schedule.
5. Principal listens to a few children read aloud a week.
6. Program for involving parents and other volunteers in reading aloud to children.
7. School sponsored grade level or schoolwide readings at least once during the year.
8. School has book fairs occasionally. Late November is good time to buy books for holiday giving.
9. School book exchange program.
10. School published newsletter for parents that includes ideas for promoting reading at home.
11. Principal encourages the teachers to spend money on tradebooks rather than workbooks and ditto paper.
12. School participates in a young authors conference.
13. Materials and supplies available for publishing child-authored books.
14. A section of the central of the library devoted to child-authored books.
15. Parents are encouraged to read aloud to their children on a daily basis.
16. Parents are encouraged to have a 15 minute quiet time each day so that all family members can read self-selected materials.

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