Committee Chairpersons 2010-2011

Auditing - Mr. Curtis Pate

Awards - Dr. Jerrilene Washington

ByLaws - Dr. Lynn Morris

Children's Choice - Melba Collum

Community Projects - Ms.Cindy Foust

Educators as Authors - Ms.Dee Scallan

Elections - Dr. Lynn Morris

Exemplary Reading Program - Ms.Don'a Delgado

Finance -Curtis Pate

Historian - Dr. Peggy Wheelis

Honor Council - Ms.Leah Biley

Hospitality - Dr. Peggy Wheelis/Betty Rogers

Intellectual Freedom -

International Projects - Dr. Peggy Wheelis

Legislative/Advocacy - DeWanna Eady

Literacy - Ms. Sharon Gilmore

Newspaper in Education -  Ms. Kathy O'Neal

Parents and Reading - Carolyn Harden

Publicity - Ms. Kathy O'Neal

Scholarships/Grants - Ms.Lennie Skipper

Scrapbook/Photography - Leah Biley

Site- Jackie Walters

Speakers' Bureau -  Dr. Peggy Wheelis

Student Membership- Ms. Beth Ricks

Studies and Research - Dr. Carrice Cummins

Young Authors' Contest - Ms.Janet' Fisher

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