NELRC's Best Practices

Best Practice -Author Harvey Zimmerman
Presented By Marilyn McIntosh, Region VIII to LRA on July 19, 2003
Scribed by Kathy S. O'Neal

Renewing Our Schools

*Student Centered. The best starting point for schooling is young people's reading interest; all across the curriculum investigating students' own questions should always take precedence over studying arbitrarily and distantly selected "content".

*Experiential. Children learn best when they encounter whole ideas, events and materials in purposeful contexts, not by studying subparts isolated from actual use.

*Authentic. Real, rich, comlex ideas and materials are at the heart of the curriculum. Lessons or textbooks that water-down, control or oversimplify content ultimately disempower students.

* Expressive. To fully engage ideas, construct meaning and remember information, students must regularly employ the whole range of communicative media--speech, writing, drawing, poetry, dance, drama, music, movement, and visual arts.

To be continued . . .

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