Award applications are available on the www.lareading.org site under awards.

All award nominations should be submitted to the NELRC president by March 1.

2005 Nominations:

Nominations: Sharon Gilmore-Educator of the Year, Shirley Posey-Reading Teacher of the Year, News-Star Newspaper-Media Award, Dee Scallan-Educator as Author. These awards will be presented at the NELRC's spring meeting.

2004-2005 President Kathy O'Neal will present the following awards at NELRC's Spring Meeting on Saturday, April 16, 2005 at 10:00 AM.

Reading Teacher of the Year
Mrs. Donna Brumely
Bonita Elementary
West Carroll Parish

Educator of the Year
Dr. Peggy Wheelis
Resource Specialist
Ouachita Parish

Principal of the Year
Mr. Curtis Pate
Boley Elementary
Ouachita Parish

Librarian of the Year
Mrs. Carol Pevehouse
Forest High School
West Carroll Parish

Celebrate Literacy Award (Reading Promotion Project)
Mrs. Carolyn Harden
Lenwill Elementary
Ouachita Parish

Exemplary NIE Teacher of the Year Award
Mrs. Glynda Cobb
Delhi Elementary
Richland Parish

Educators as Authors Award

Community Projects/Parental Involvement Award
Mrs. Cindy Foust
Ouachita Parish

Media Award
Mrs. Lisa Patterson
The NewsStar

Young Authors Awards may be seen on the Young Authors webpage.

100% Membership School  $200

Individual Membership Recruitment Award $25

Greatest District Membership Increase=
Authors' Visits, $75 for books, $75 for Family Involvement Activities

Past Presidents' Recognition

Literacy Coordinators  $25 gift card


NELRC AWARDS 2003-2004

Reading Teacher of the Year
     Leah Biley, Kiroli Elementary, Ouachita Parish
Educator of the Year
     Lynn Morris, University of Louisiana-Monroe

Principal of the Year
     Nancy Smith, Central Elementary, Ouachita Parish

Librarian of the Year
     Melba Collum, Kiroli Elementary, Ouachita Parish

Celebrate Literacy Award
     Kathy O'Neal, Oak Grove Elementary, West Carroll Parish

100% Membership School
     Donna Brumley, Bonita Elementary, Morehouse Parish

Greatest Membership Increase:
     Morehouse and Richland

Educator Emeritus
     Ms. Catherine Vaughn

Past Presidents Recognized at the NLRC's Spring Meeting 2004
    Ms. Catherine Vaughn
    Ms. Kathryn McDonald
    Ms. Jacqualine Walters
    Ms. Vickie Green
    Ms. Janet Jones

         NELRC Awards 2002-2003:
Literacy Award-
    Crystal Fant, Shady Grove Elementary, Ouachita Parish
Reading Teacher of the Year-
    Sherry Bradford, Oak Grove Elementary, West Carroll Parish
Community Service Award-
    KWCL Radio Station

          LRA Available Awards:
Teacher of the Year
Principal of the Year
Educator of the Year
Parent/Community Involvement Award
Media Award
Mini-Grants Award
Teacher Travel Grant Awards
Educators as Authors
Young Authors Anthology

Community Service Award
    The NLRC presented KWCL Radio station with the Community Service Project Award for their participation in "StoryTime". StoryTime was a collaborative effort on the part of several council members, local educators, retired educators, administrators, local & city officials such as judges, sheriff, lawyers,etc. Many business owners, civic leaders, and other organizations participated. The award was presented by President Kathy O'Neal to owner of KWCL, Ms. Irene Robinson. Others present included West Carroll Community Bank President, Mr. Lynn Hebert, Mr. Ivy Robinson, Ms. Carol Pevehouse (Young Authors Chairperson), Ms. Sherry Bradford, (NLRC Treasurer), Ms. Nita Denmon (NLRC member).
    StoryTime provided an opportunity for children to hear stories read aloud each morning during the summer months. The children could call the radio station to win a prize for answering a question about the story. One children's authors heard about the project and donated one of her books as a door prizes. Other door prizes were provided by individual NLRC members.

LRA Awards, Citations, and Scholarships

Awards and Citations, guidelines for submission, nomination form Scholarship Information

Send nominations by April 1 to:
Lena Sparacio LeBlanc, Chairman
Awards and Citations Committee
2214 Aycock Street
Arabi, LA 70032-1426 Scholarship applications are due by April 1, 2003 (postmarked).
Please disseminate a copy of the current LRA Scholarship Guidelines regarding the scholarship award to the scholarship chairperson, as well as other council members.  Scholarship candidates will be presented for final approval by the LRA Executive Council.  Once approved, the recipient(s) shall be contacted by mail and telephone.

Send nominations to:
Vicki Brown
LRA Scholarship Chairperson
P. O. Box 447
Grambling, LA 71245

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